The Highest Expectations for Bitcoin Price



Can you guess the BITCOIN PRICE next year? $ 22,000, $ 45,000, $ 100,000

Well, the answer is that no one really knows, but encrypted digital currency news has recently included many BITCOIN PRICE forecasts by experts, and BITCOIN PRICE forecasts may continue to spread in the future as well

Many experts have tried to guess the future BITCOIN PRICE forecast. Most of the expectations for the price of the BITCOIN indicate a rise

For some investors, price remains a driver to stay in the game for this should not ignore. In this article, we share with you some of the highest expectations of BITCOIN PRICE according to experts in the field

The highest expectations for BITCOIN PRICE are difficult to believe

Thomas Lee

Thomas Lee, a prominent BITCOIN investor and co-founder of research firm Funds rat Global, predicted that BITCOIN PRICE would reach $ 25,000 in 2018 and reach $ 125,000 by 2022

Last year’s expectations were very useful. He builds his predictions based on strong statistics and data science. In addition, he has gained a very wide fame because of his optimistic view of both pasturing and ethrium in the past

Max Keiser

Max Keiser is the adopter of the early adopter race for the bikini since it priced at $ 3

Keiser introduced Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on the Russian RT channel, criticizing the inflationary policy of central banks around the world

He recently expressed his expectations for the BITCOIN PRICE of $ 28,000, and his long-term belief is that the price of BITCOIN will reach $ 100,000.

John McAfee

John McAfee, an American entrepreneur, and programmer for McAfee Computer Security was the most optimistic expert on the price of the BITCOIN

On several occasions, he noted that BITCOIN PRICE would reach $ 1 million, which expected to rise to $ 500,000 last year

Trace Mayer

Trace Mayer is an experienced investor in traditional markets such as the gold market. He was the first blogger to start recommending BITCOIN in early 2011 when it priced at $ 0.25

Mayer is a businessperson, an investor, a journalist, a critical scientist and an enthusiastic defender of freedom of expression. Through Mayer-Multiple, he said the price of the BITCOIN could reach $ 115,000 in December 2018

Jameson Lopp


Jameson Lopp, a former software engineer at BITCOIN, who currently runs the Casa wallet, has an important space in encrypted currency.

He is also one of the experts who predicted that the price of BITCOIN would reach $ 250,000 by 2020. According to Lopp, the direction of BITCOIN PRICE based on a change in the daily value was $ 250,000 per home

Tim Draper

Tim Draper, an American capitalist, and founder of Draper University predicted that the price of BITCOIN would reach $ 250,000 by 2022

Tim Draper was also famous for buying 30,000 homes at a US Marshall Auction in 2014

Tyler Winklevoss

Twinkle Winklevoss, recently in February 2018, said that BITCOIN PRICE is below its real value and can be 40 times the current value

In the case of the twin brothers, who said to hold about 100,000BTC, the BITCOIN PRICE will have to be $ 3,200,000 in the future


Kay Van-Petersen

Kay Van-Petersen, an analyst at Saxo Bank, who predicted a $ 20,000 price tag last year, was right. He recently predicted that the price of the BITCOIN could reach $ 100,000 in 2018

Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee, a member of the Board of Directors of BT Foundation and founder of the First China Petrochemical Exchange (BTCC), said during a meeting on the London blockbuster that BITCOIN PRICE would exceed the $ 1 million barriers. Bobby previously predicted that the price of the BITCOIN would be $ 17,000 and $ 50,000

Wisens Caesars, CEO of the Xapo portfolio and a board member at PayPal, has provided convincing forecasts for the value of the Pitcairn coin over the next decade. Where he spoke at the 2017 Conciliation Conference in New York. He gave a speech at a dinner organized by Pitkin and Blockchain, the pro-currency group. His speech was a shock.

Since the dinner attended, and no video as found to speak, some snippets taken from his online commentary. He highlighted the currency of the Bitcoin, where Casares saw that “the Internet has no currency and is in dire need of one,” drawing attention to the most popular encrypted currency in the world

“Put 1% of your BITCOIN PRICE net and forget it for 10 years,” Casares added

His speech also included the prediction of the encoded currency, that one of the currencies of the BITCOIN would amount to $ 1 million before the next ten years


As long as Casares was a pioneer in the technology business. He was the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Argentina, as well as one of the first promoters of the BITCOIN currency. He also launched the retail bank in Brazil before the recent launch of the Xapo portfolio. In early 2016, Casares joined the board of PayPal, where he described as “the next generation leader of payment methods and currency coding ideas.”

However, the expectations of Casares have sparked controversy among the most bullish forecasts for the price of the currency of the Pitcairn so far.

He was also predicted by both financier Chat Jeremy Liu and Blouin CEO Peter Smith that BITCOIN PRICE would reach $ 500,000 by 2030

What we can do right now is wait for the right time to figure out which expectations will be right then. One forecast in late 2016, already validated, was the expectations of the Danish investment bank Saxo that the BITCOIN PRICE rose by 165% (the value of the BITCOIN trade was about $ 750 at the time), and exceeded $ 2000 in 2017. The prices of the Pitcairn currency continued to rise, so far the price has exceeded $ 2,200

BITCOIN PRICE has not been rising since its inception. Apart from the possibility of circulation, ease of use and exchange, the most attractive aspect of the digital currency is its continuous growth almost monthly (recently). For amateurs from speculators and even expert traders, the nature of BITCOIN, whose prices are easy to predict, has so far strengthened confidence in the BITCOIN system

BITCOIN PRICE based on market trends. The higher the demand, the higher the price. It is worth recalling that only 21 million of the country’s mining will be mined, and that this currency, although adequate at present, will not always remain so

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BITCOIN PRICE will certainly rise due to limited offer



The stock markets, especially in Asia (Japan and China), have a significant impact on the price of the BITCOIN. Japan’s acceptance of the currency as a legal currency has led to an increase in demand for it. The number of Pitcairn traders and companies that accept services against BITCOIN has also increased

In addition, the media has worked well to educate the world about the importance and benefits of decentralized coded currencies such as BITCOIN. Various BITCOIN sites have revealed all about this currency to their users. When knowledge is complete, the price is likely to be fairly stable

Well, according to Bill Gates, no one can stop Pitcairn. Ronnie Moas, founder and equity analyst at Standpoint Research, predicts that BITCOIN PRICE could reach $ 11,000 this year, and the price of the BITCOIN exceeded that value last year

When it comes to predictions, there is nothing absolute given the likelihood of exposure to economic failures or unfavorable policies. However, the premium-encrypted currency BITCOIN is likely to exceed $ 18,000 in 2018.

In 2017, BITCOIN PRICE rose by more than 650%, and is sure to continue in 2018

The main reason for exceeding BITCOIN PRICE for $ 20,000 is the presence of an increasing number of investors in this currency. The ease with which bicarbonate can be exchanged, stored and consumed through BITCOIN debit cards, the highly safe and even portable BITCOIN wallets, as well as the safe exchanges that guarantee the return of money in the event of loss, all increase the stability and confidence of the BITCOIN market

Major companies are actively participating in the Bitcoin system fixed profits, which used to improve the services they provide

BITCOIN and the world’s powerful countries

When it comes to BITCOIN PRICE in 2018, there is no clear picture. In fact, the governments of the most powerful countries in the world, including the United States, China, Japan, Russia, and even Europe, have allowed the currency to be used, so that it seems to be looking to control, or even influence, it individually. We may see some policies that would enhance the acceptance of the BITCOIN within these countries and raise their price

Expert view

When it comes to predictions, whether for stocks or coded currencies, most people predict for themselves. The main owners of the BITCOIN are the ones who make predictions of higher prices. This can be called a “prediction game” because high expectations instill confidence in ordinary homeowners, which in turn may increase the price of BITCOIN.

BITCOIN PRICE has forecasted to fall below $ 6,000 in the short term. Over the past few days, the price of the BITCOIN has dropped from about $ 8,000 to around $ 7,100.

Several other articles have pointed to expectations of a long-term rise in the price of BITCOIN

In the article under your eyes now, we give you a brief overview of the price volatility of the BITCOIN this year in addition to some expectations of the price of BITCOIN in the near and long-term.

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The encrypted currency market continues to decline and the price of the BITCOIN may reach $ 6700

During the year 2018, BITCOIN PRICE witnessed three major corrections on 7 February, 10 April and 25 May. The first correction on February 7 led to a drop in the price of the BITCOIN from $ 19900 to $ 6100, more than 69 percent. The second correction on April 10 led to a fall in the price of the Pitcairn from $ 12,000 to $ 6,400, up 46 percent. The third and last correction on 25 May led to a decrease of BITCOIN PRICE from $ 10,000 to $ 7200, a 28% increase

A note can be made of the three major corrections of the BITCOIN Company in 2018 that each correction has smaller sales and smaller correction times than its predecessor. The initial correction in February lasted nearly two months, while the period between the second and third corrections estimated at about a month

Following the BITCOIN PRICE change over five months, this currency is likely to recover from the $ 6800 level in the short term, which could lead to a strong medium- and long-term rally. After the BITCOIN price falls to $ 6800, the market expected to experience a build-up period, leading to a gradual increase in the value of BITCOIN and its sustainable growth. A continuous accumulation period can be followed by a flat rise, which drives the value of most coded currencies to grow exponentially

Despite the long-term bullish outlook on the value of the Pitcairn, it is important to recognize that both BITCOIN and the rest of the encoded currency market are in decline, and the encoded currency market is likely to continue to decline until the price of the BITCOIN reaches $ 6,000

Analysts, including Willy Woo, shared their view of the fall of BITCOIN PRICE to nearly $ 5,000, but unless the price of the BITCOIN falls below $ 6,500 and fails to maintain $ 6800, the drop below $ 6000 remains unlikely

Alternative coded currencies and distinctive symbols

The alternative currency trading Altcoins and Tokens are very volatile. Because the symbols tend to experience intense volatility on both incremental and declining trends, they will follow the price trends of the BITCOIN but with broader price changes

Most of the outstanding performance chips for key encrypted currencies such as Bitcoin and Athereum throughout 2018 were unable to avoid a reversal. I have seen 0x, ICON, Zcash and Wanchai who have shown significant improvements and major developments with regard to expansion, long-term strategy and technology down significantly over the past month

One clear trend is the lack of investors and traders willing to sell BITCOIN and other coded currencies at current levels. As such, although technical analysis points to something else, BITCOIN PRICE is unlikely to fall below the $ 6,000 value in the short term, and the market value of coded currencies not expected to fall below $ 300 billion



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