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Google Business

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Introduction to Google business

Google business is serious through computer systems and networks, such as the Internet and the bulletin board system, a new concept that explains the process of selling, buying or exchanging products through computer systems and the Internet

Google business is not limited to sales, but it also includes commercial advertising and e-data exchange. The growth of e-commerce is associated with the growth of financial transaction techniques because of most of Google business

Done online

Google business divided into three main types

Google Business

Google business between companies and businesses such as electronic commerce between a particular company and its partners from other companies

google business between companies and consumers or customers such as e-commerce between online sales companies and their customers

google business between customers and customers, such as eBay’s e-commerce process, which is a free zone to connect customers who want to buy or exchange products

Elements for Google business

There are a number of requirements and elements that must be met when launching an online store, the most important of which are

The product to market by Google Business

The place where the product market

A way to attract visitors to the online store, and can be a billboard on some famous sites

Use google business providers

To send special offers to their customers

Make an electronic form or an electronic shopping cart to receive purchase orders

Make an electronic bank account for the beneficiary (merchant) while preserving the right of the owner in the privacy of his information and maintenance of his money

Work way to ship and deliver goods to their owners

Provide service to customers by e-mail, electronic forms, or assign a section of the site to the usual questions

What is e-money?

Electronic or digital money is the various electronic payment methods that allow a person to pay for his goods, services, and information, through a set of numbers that transferred from one computer to another and issued by a particular bank

There are a variety of terms that refer to e-money – digital money – e-cash – digital cash, and e-money has the versatility of many times

What benefits a merchant from Google Business?

Google Business

Profit the most and the most effective marketing

As a result of the dependence of companies on Internet marketing, and they can display their products and services without interruption, the companies get large profits in addition to access to more customers

Effective communication with partners and customers

Google business provides an effective way to share information with partners and customers and provides a good opportunity for companies to take advantage of the goods and services provided by other companies

Reduction of corporate expenses

The process of setting up an online business is more economical and economical than retail or office maintenance. Companies do not need to spend on promotional and promotional matters, and the company does not need to use a large number of staff to do business

What benefits do the customers reap from e-commerce?

Saving time and effort

Customers do not need to travel or wait in line to buy a product. All the customer does is click on the product on the online market and enter some information about the credit card for payment

Price reduction

Google business offers a lot of the cost spent in regular shopping where e-shops sell goods at lower prices than traditional stores.

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Freedom of choice

Google business allows customers to visit various types of online stores and provides customers with enough product information

Google business is an online business.

Any purchase and sale of products and services on the Internet through a website. E-commerce is also known as an online e-commerce store that has features that make it easy for customers to browse products

Today, 60% of shoppers in developed countries go to the Internet to buy goods and services. This style of shopping is lovable because it is comfortable. People can shop from their homes

The google business site stays 24/7. Customers can buy products at any time of the day. There are many benefits offered by e-commerce to businesses. Read on to learn more

A comprehensive description of the products

Google business provides customers with data sheets with all the features and features of the products. This datasheet can also include ratings from other customers who have already purchased this product. This document also known as the product catalog, and provides customers with all the information they need about the products they want to buy

Customers can also read their components and get basic information about their manufacturers. As such, google business provides customers with up-to-date information about their products, which is very useful to customers when they make a product purchase decision

It is available through search engines

Physical shopping is thriving due to Google business efforts. The e-commerce website thrives after it receives large amounts of traffic from the search engines

Thousands of people use search engines every day to find the products they want to buy. With existing stores, it is very difficult to reach such a large market. However, an online shop can easily achieve this. Google business can reach many customers than it was

According to studies, most people just click on the links that appear on the first page of search engine results. They never go to the second or third page. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the e-commerce site appears on the first page of results. This can achieve by doing something known as SEO on the Google business site when your online store is on the first page of results, you can get more customers and get more revenue for your business

Reduce the cost of maintaining and managing inventory

In the regular store, there are many costs involved for the purpose of inventory management. It costs time and money to manage inventory. Physical means of inventory management are cumbersome and expensive. However, it is easier and cheaper to manage inventory at a google business site

Record customer buying habits

In the business world, information is power. Purchasing habits are very important for business people. In regular stores, it will be very difficult to analyze the items purchased by each customer as well as the number of times they bought these items

However, the e-commerce site makes it very easy to see the buying patterns of your customers

The site is able to record the activities of each person visiting. You can also record items that have viewed, visited pages, as well as all items purchased. Using this information, online store owners can figure out what customer’s desire most then provide

Other business benefits for businesses and businesses

These benefits include improving the image of the company or organization that uses this type of trade because it improves customer service, creates business, facilitates operations, reduces the time to send products and services, increases productivity, eliminates paperwork, reduces costs and communications and increases flexibility

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For e-commerce, e-commerce causes access to the products of companies that were not often available near the consumer, because e-commerce is cheaper than other places in shopping because the shopper can shop around and shop through many goods on a network The Internet can finally decide to buy the product at the price and quality that suits it

In some cases, such as digital products, such as google business, e-commerce enables the buyer to send goods quickly to the seller

Customers can get the necessary information within seconds or minutes of e-commerce, that enables the buyer to send the goods very quickly to the seller

Google business allows the exchange of experiences and different opinions among the owners of products and services on the Internet

Google business promotes competition and therefore reduces prices

One of the benefits of google business for society is that it allows individuals to do business and reduce the same time available for marketing and this means less traffic congestion in the streets and therefore less pollution in the environment

Google business allows those living in developing countries to own goods that not sold in their country

Finally, google business allows the distribution of public services through the Internet such as health and education at a lower price and higher efficiency

Benefits of Google business for consumers (customers)

Achieving entrepreneurship and small projects for young people

Fast access to information: Customers can get information in seconds or minutes via google business. In return, it may take days and weeks to get a response if you request information from a concrete location

Do not close Internet markets: E-Market is open all day and without any holiday

Save time and effort: Customers do not need to travel or wait in line to buy a particular product, nor do they have to move this product to the house. Buying a product requires more than just clicking on the product, entering some information about the credit card, or transferring the amount from the customer’s account to the beneficiary’s account through a local bank. In addition to the credit card, there are several appropriate payment systems such as electronic money (E-Money)

Choice: Google business

A great opportunity to visit various types of shops online, in addition, they provide customers with full product information. In addition, it all done without any pressure from vendors

Price reduction: Many companies sell goods at lower prices compared to traditional stores, because online shopping saves a lot of the costs spent in regular shopping, and because the competition is fierce between google business, it is in the interest of customers

User satisfaction: Because the user is the one who decided his needs

Google business allows participating in virtual auctions

E-commerce allows customers to exchange experiences and opinions about products and services across online communities (such as forums)

 Continue IT opportunities

Start verification

Verification helps ensure that your business information is accurate across Google. Proven businesses are more likely to consider twice as good by users

Verification also protects you from anyone who may attempt to impersonate a representative of your business if you do not take this step. Until you complete verification, you will not be able to edit the business information that appears on Google products

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For most google business, verification means requesting, receiving, and reading a postcard to verify ownership from Google

If you continue to verify directly after signing up, you’ll see mail in the upper left corner of the page, above the map where a pin has been placed for your business location

If your business information is correct, click Mail. Make sure you do not click Verify later below

Enter the name of the person to whom the postcard should mail. (This is an optional field, and you can leave it empty if you like). We will send it to the address you provided for your business

Click Send Postcard

You may have signed up for Google My Business, and then stopped before you started the verification process. In that case

Sign in at The My Business dashboard will appear on Google

Look for the red banner ad at the top of the page, and then click the Verify Now button on the right

You will see mail in the top left corner of the page, above the map where a pin has placed for your business location. Make sure your business information is correct, and then click Mail. Make sure you do not click Verify later below

Enter the name of the person to whom the postcard should mail. (This is an optional field, and you can leave it empty if you like). We will send it to the address you provided for your business

Click Send Postcard

Waiting for your postcard to arrive

Within a few weeks (depending on where you live), you will receive a postcard from Google at the google business address. Your postcard will contain a unique verification code that you enter in Google My Business to make sure your business is located at the address listed

While waiting for your postcard to arrive, you can start laying the foundation for success online

Visit your website as if you were a customer found on Google. Take this opportunity to improve your site or update any outdated information

Take photos of Google business and its products and services, which will be great additions to Google My Business data. You can also take your customers on a tour of your workspace using Business View

Full verification

Once you receive your postcard to verify, return to Sign in and click Verify site ownership from the list (or click the Verify Now button). Then follow the instructions to enter your postcard verification code

Congratulations. You have now verified your business and are ready to edit your business information, respond to comments, and add photos

It can take a few weeks for your business information to appear on Google. Once your information is live, see your business listing. Just search for your business name and city in Google Search or Google Maps, then look at the information that appears

If you do not see what you see, be sure to read the following guidelines in this series to learn how to improve your business listing. Keep in mind that search results vary for a number of reasons, and may not be what you see similar to what someone else sees. Learn more about how Google ranks local results

Are you eager to learn more? Check out the next guide in this series to learn how to improve your business information

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