GUERRILLA MARKETING Meaning and Examples

GUERRILLA MARKETING Meaning and examples

Today, we are talking about a method of innovative marketing techniques used by start-ups and small companies, especially in advertising and promoting their products, GUERRILLA MARKETING

First, let us know about the concept and definition of this type of marketing

GUERRILLA MARKETING: is one of the methods of marketing in which companies use the element of surprise and non-traditional ways to promote their products or services and differs from traditional marketing in its reliance on interaction and that it does not require huge budgets with the achievement of fruitful results. Its focus is on a small group of advertisers who are responsible for delivering the marketing message in a specific location, making it different from advertising campaigns with a high prevalence

Companies use this type of GUERRILLA MARKETING

GUERRILLA MARKETING Meaning and examples

Based on viral marketing (transferring product information and quality among a large group of people), bringing these companies to new customers in a freeway, but the GUERRILLA MARKETING method does not suit all kinds of products and services and uses GUERRILLA MARKETING

To target younger consumers because they are more likely to interact positively with them

Date of Term: Used for the first time in the book Conrad Levinson (), which is the pioneer of this type of marketing (which carries the same name (GUERRILLA MARKETING) and for some time you may be surprised by the term guerrilla, which means small war or guerrilla war, but called I tell you that this type of war uses limited and unconventional strategies. From this similarity, the name came, like guerrilla warfare, using gorilla marketing in unconventional ways in its advertising campaigns

The surprise of the consumer and the generation of a positive impression have a hard to forget and create an unprecedented social interaction and noise among the consumers. This can be GUERRILLA MARKETING simple phrase about creative marketing.

However, is this GUERRILLA MARKETING limited to small businesses only?

As we mentioned at the beginning, this marketing method is ideal for small companies that need to reach a broad base of masses without a huge cost … On the other hand, it is certain that such an effective marketing method will also attract large companies to work with it, In parallel with the massive GUERRILLA MARKETING add In addition, it can use at the individual level in certain things such as job search

How do large companies use them?

First, some marketers see that the use of large companies for this marketing method is not GUERRILLA MARKETING based on the possession of these companies for huge budgets and the establishment of effective brands, but used by large companies as viable marketing solutions. At the same time, they have to be wary of it. Sometimes these creative strategies sometimes turned into a nightmare for the company, in the end, unlike small companies that have nothing to lose if their GUERRILLA MARKETING strategy fails

In 2007, one GUERRILLA MARKETING strategy overturned a large US company called Turner Broadcasting, which placed nighttime ads in a certain fashion on the streets of Boston, but the city’s population then thought it was a time bomb, creating chaos in the city and causing losses to the company. Huge


GUERRILLA MARKETING Meaning and examples

However, this does not prevent a major Coca-Cola company from launching a successful GUERRILLA MARKETING campaign in 2010 with a video called Happiness Machine or Happiness Machine in cooperation with the advertising marketing agency Definition 6.

The video shows a Coca-Cola bottle at St. John’s University in Queens, New York With 5 hidden cameras, it presents gifts with Coca-Cola bottles to the students who reacted spontaneously and spontaneously, earning the video a huge popularity, achieving 4.5 million views on YouTube, winning the prestigious Gold Interactive Award and then deciding Coca-Cola after the amazing results of this video. Marketing Campaign Kid on the same idea (happiness)

Using startups for GUERRILLA MARKETING

GUERRILLA MARKETING may be the best solution for small businesses because if it is well implemented, it can reach the broad base of the target audience at low cost and also a great way to attract attention and excellence among the competitors of the market and build a good reputation by different from the mainstream

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Speaking about this marketing method for small businesses, Conrad Levinson mentioned in his book six thoughts about GUERRILLA MARKETING still effective today

Do you know how consumers think?

GUERRILLA MARKETING Meaning and examples

Put yourself in the buyer’s place and think in his own way, not in your own way.

With little time and money spent, you can gather GUERRILLA MARKETING information and your target audience and then turn them into buyers in short to try to understand the buyer’s behavior and find out what he is paying for your product or service Which encourages them to tell their loved ones and friends about your product and their good experience with them. This is what you should think about and reach until you know the buyers’ thinking

    Are you creative?

If you resort to simulation in marketing, you will not get the desired results. A contemporary example of this “challenge ice bucket”, which saw the participation of millions around GUERRILLA MARKETING videos and images pouring snow on themselves to raise awareness of “sclerosis” In the wake of this campaign many parties tried to imitate them in other cases, but they failed, due to the consumer’s view of the new GUERRILLA MARKETING and the creative and its response to innovative marketing methods and not refined

    How do you measure your success?

Sales are not the only measure of success, but increasing the profit margin and sales resulting from making your customers more loyal to your product or service and their benefit are the most important criteria for measuring the success of your GUERRILLA MARKETING strategy.

Are you alone?

Strategic partnerships make success stories not only because of increased awareness of the brand, sales, and acquisition of new buyers but also because the buyer comes from the guerilla-marketing beneficiaries. There are some points that determine the most suitable partner

– Match the target group

– Sharing vision and goals

– Values and common principles


– Ready to share customers and contacts

– Provide a quality product or service

It is also important to bear in mind that entering into a partnership with another company, GUERRILLA MARKETING, is an implicit acknowledgment of the quality of the product or service provided. Therefore, if your buyers have a bad experience with this partnership, this may cause damage to your brand

Have you followed all the possible strategies?

Have you ever had a partnership experience in which your partner has relied on a lack of sales, speaking of making all possible attempts to no avail? GUERRILLA MARKETING is not the case, the fact is not to use many of the free marketing strategies available such as social media, e-mail, and blogging it is not logical to dispense with the employer of the marketing power of social media and electronic marketing in general

Be prepared to develop your business

Large companies have many resources, but this is not a guarantee for their business development based on specific GUERRILLA MARKETING warnings and the size of the target audience if they decide to expand, which is not easy for small businesses, thus enhancing their ability to innovate and expand. Adopt an established system based on hard work and speed GUERRILLA MARKETING new ideas

In the end, you do not have to spend money to get it, but by following guerrilla-marketing ideas correctly, you can make a good return by creating a strong, successful and profitable business

Wait for your thoughts to share about GUERRILLA MARKETING and your vision of it

I leave you now with some creative marketing cases waiting for your opinions about them

The concept of GUERRILLA MARKETING invented for marketing as a funky system of promotions that rely on time, energy and imagination rather than a large marketing budget normally

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Gangster marketing campaigns are unpredictable and unconventional, and GUERRILLA MARKETING is likely to be interactive, targeting consumers in unexpected places

The goal of GUERRILLA MARKETING is to create a unique, participatory and thought-provoking approach to generate continuous resonance among recipients and thus turn into something like a permanent virus infection

Marketing guerrilla warfare involves an unusual approach, such as its surprise implementation in public places, the distribution of free gifts from the consumer product, bold and exciting actions for the public that generate more public relations with GUERRILLA MARKETING, or any non-traditional marketing aimed at maximizing results by limiting Minimum resources

Marketing guerrilla warfare has now taken on a more innovative approach by leveraging the latest mobile digital technologies to engage consumers and create an unforgettable experience with commercial GUERRILLA MARKETING


The need to market GUERRILLA MARKETING can see in light of three facts


Because of the downsizing of large businesses, the decentralization of advertising, the loosening of government regulations on advertising, the availability of affordable GUERRILLA MARKETING, the awareness revolution, and the fact that people around the world are attracted to small businesses in record numbers.


One of the main reasons for small business failure and record numbers is a lack of understanding of marketing, thus GUERRILLA MARKETING has proven highly efficient in working for small businesses around the world, and so on only because it is simple to understand, easy and inexpensive to implement


GUERRILLA MARKETING needed because it gives small businesses the exhilarating features of providing their certainty in an uncertain world, the economy of a high-priced world, simplicity in a complex world, and conscious marketing in a clueless world

Areas of application

Can apply in any place and any field and in any way as long as the basic conditions have achieved the depth of impact and simplicity of the idea and low costs, but to put some areas as examples, we mention

In the field of charity

Provides strong support and publicity for non-profit businesses – especially – they do not cost a financial burden and leave a profound impact

In the commercial field

Suitable for small businesses such as home-based businesses as well as large institutional businesses

Awareness raising

Where he delivered a profound message to the target audience and in unexpected places

In the field of war

GUERRILLA MARKETING where it has a profound impact that breaks the enemy’s enemy and with minimal human losses

Invented by J. Conrad Levinson in his Creative Advertising, published in 1984. This unique method of marketing depends on energy and free imagination rather than huge budgets. Creative marketing has a much higher value than GUERRILLA MARKETING and delivers great numbers through interaction with consumers. It makes an indelible impression and appears in places and times people do not expect

Mr. Levinson has a long history in marketing. He is the deputy director of J. Walter Thompson, one of the largest GUERRILLA MARKETING and advertising companies in the United States, and the director of development and innovation at Leo Burnett Advertising, as well as several marketing books and articles. As stated in his book, the goal of GUERRILLA MARKETING is to use unsurpassed advertising methods through a limited budget

Is a group of people who suddenly appear and gather somewhere and do an unusual actor presentation for a short time to express an idea or criticism or even GUERRILLA MARKETING and then disperse, and many of you did not realize that this method is the style of a gorilla or flash mob

Here is a guerilla-marketing example from the Benelux TNT channel in Belgium to attract attention to its channel by pushing people to press the red button to add drama to their lives. This ad has become one of the most popular ad videos to share on YouTube. See what happens.

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The beginning of the AD 4000 AD dates back to the time when the ancient Egyptians used papyrus to write sales letters and GUERRILLA MARKETING ads and then developed the traditional marketing over the years until it reached what it is now, but the great leap only achieved by the twentieth century

Where the primary goal of advertising is to GUERRILLA MARKETING customers and customers for the product or service rather than to entertain them and make them more integrated with the brand

In 1960 he began to focus on advertising campaigns on major marketing channels such as radio, newspapers and magazines. The campaigns culminated in the 1980s and early 1990s

GUERRILLA MARKETING companies began to suffer in leaving the desired impression to the public and consumers felt tired of the frequent targeting of ads, the need for change appeared

In 1984, marketing expert “Conrad Levinson” introduced the new marketing term in his book GUERRILLA MARKETING

In this period, traditional advertising such as radio, television, and print has been booming, but consumers are beginning to get bored with these ads. Levinson suggested that advertising campaigns be exciting, shocking and very smart to create a buzz among consumers

The biggest beneficiary of GUERRILLA MARKETING

The biggest beneficiary is the companies and initiatives of young people and small business owners because of their strong relationship with their customers. In order to sell your product or service or deliver a certain idea by building a strong relationship with the customer based on trust and support, and meet the needs of GUERRILLA MARKETING and provide products that bring them the benefits expected

Levinson outlined the following points as the basic principles of advertising and marketing GUERRILLA MARKETING

GUERRILLA MARKETING primarily based on small businesses and businesses

He must rely more on human psychology than on experience, opinion, and intuition

Volume gains is a measure of success and not the volume of sales

The marketer must pay attention to the number of new relationships he is acquiring each month

Setting a standard for quality and focusing on a product rather than dispersing and trying with more than one product and service

Put interest in existing customers and try to increase transactions with them and strengthen relationships more than interest in winning new customers

Cooperate with GUERRILLA MARKETING instead of competing with them to no avail

Integrate innovative marketing methods into the same campaign

Targeting individuals and small groups. The smaller the number, the greater the impact

Try to gain the confidence of the individual rather than just trying to sell him

Commitment to the campaign and GUERRILLA MARKETING methods in each campaign

The direction of large companies toward creative marketing:

Although Levinson’s ideas geared toward small enterprises, large companies used creative marketing tactics to sell their products such as McDonald’s, IKEA and the Mini Cooper

GUERRILLA MARKETING is your right choice

If you are a small entrepreneur, you must know that creative marketing is not just about the eye-catching message; it is essential to give your advertising credibility and not to disappoint your customers. Despite the speed with which creative marketing messages spread, their negative views spread faster


Creativity If the companies specialized in advertising and advertising lack of creativity and specializing in imitation and do not bother the same GUERRILLA MARKETING in a new and innovative manner cannot expect to fight marketing battles under the creative marketing

Low cost compared to the normal methods of advertising, which means that the margin of profit of the implementing companies is few.

We cannot see exactly what the future holds. However, we are sure that in the future, the distinction between advertising and real life will become more difficult. Before I finish a post today, I will leave you with some examples of GUERRILLA MARKETING



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