How To Fix The US Economy


How To Fix The US Economy With Four Simple Steps?

This post recommends actions to repair our economic situation with modifications in FICA tax obligations, an exec order, and facilities financial investments, offering Public debt Bonds and developing a Public debt Federal Lottery Game.

The FICA solution, National Debt Bonds and also the National Debt Federal Lottery will certainly pump cash right into our economic climate we could utilize to produce tasks as well as repair our framework while broadening our tax base.

My hope is to provide us some concepts to begin a discussion and contemplate beyond Congress, which appears resistant or not able to discover options that do not consist of course war or simply placing for the following political election.

If any type of options to our troubles is to occur they are going to have to come from the exterior of Congress, it appears. The Constitution specifies the power stays in individuals, so it appears like we individuals will certainly need to get hold of the bull by the tail and encounter the circumstance; produce our very own remedies and things it down the throat of Congress with ballot as well as the right to put together to earn our complaints recognized.

If you concur to allow Congress recognize, consider these services; If you do not concur make modifications or state your personal services that we could all consider, however, please do not await Congress which produced these issues by placing their Aristocracy and also wish for power prior to America’s health.

Ways to Fix The United States Economy With Four Simple Steps

  1. Minimize FICA tax obligations

Decrease FICA tax obligations from 7.65% to 5%; do away with the $106,000.00 ceiling; reduced the old age to 64; suggests examination receivers; secure the Social Security box as well as stop the Government from obtaining from that secured box up until its solvent for one hundred years consistently.

Reducing the price to 5% will certainly offer every American employee an instant 2.65% raising and also reduced companies matching by 2.65%. This right away places cash right into our economic climate 2 means; Americans have even more to invest and also American companies have even more cash to spend or work with.


I could listen to the sobs of socialism from our political leaders as well as from those that have no concept what socialism suggests. It’s a cry meant to separate and also dominate us or terrify us right into battling each other.

Socialism is the Government regulating the methods of manufacturing and also the circulation of riches, which suggests there is some socialism in all Governments, simply check out your tax obligations, Government agreements and also International Treaties.

I think socialism is dandy and also great for mega-corporations, Wall Street and also lenders when it’s our tax obligations paying the bill and also repairing their self-made mess. The center course does not obtain any of that socialist aid from the personal field. Allow them to consume liberty cake.

Congress wishes to deal with Social Security by boosting the old age and also decreasing advantages or by removing Social Security completely. That’s not a remedy, that’s enslavement. Political leaders will certainly inform you that individuals live much longer so raising the old age makes good sense.

I claim if individuals live much longer, reduced the old age to 64 and at that age employees quit paying the 5% FICA tax obligations. When they’ll require even more cash to live and also pay costs, offer it to them on the back-end.

Can you envision the cash that will put right into our economic climate from simply this one repair? An employee making $30,000 a year will certainly conserve $795.00 a year.

In today’s economic climate the majority of people will certainly pay an expense, get added grocery stores, 4 gallons of gas or a pizza. This is cash that goes right back right into our economic climate, regarding one and also a fifty percent billion each week.

Think about what does it cost? loan local business will certainly conserve; those that need to match their very own FICA tax obligations will certainly conserve 5.3%.

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Huge companies like Walmart, McDonald’s, UPS as well as those with thousands of hundreds of workers will certainly conserve numerous bucks a year, consisting of the Federal Government. Due to the fact that it seems so anti-American, Means screening is most likely the largest trouble.

You imply I pay into Social Security for 40 or 45 years and also obtain absolutely nothing back. You obtain it on the back-end. If you live to 75 or 85 that’s 11 to 21 years of not paying the 5% as well as many people make even more cash after they transform 50 years old or later on.

Plus it’s the patriotic point to do to conserve our nation and also assist the future generation. Keep in mind; ask not exactly what your nation could do for you yet exactly what you could do for your nation.

It isn’t really socialism to protect our type of Government as well as it isn’t really terrorism to attempt or slam to repair just what’s damaged. It may be justice to have individuals that damaged it, pay to repair it, yet that’s one more option for an additional day.

  1. Head of state with a spinal column

This repair is fast and so straightforward that we require is a President with a back. The President could do this with a stroke of his/her pen with no input from a stalemated, do-nothing, juvenile-twisted, baby-bickering Congress.

As the exec of the Federal Government the President must authorize an exec order informing every Federal company that consisting of yet not restricted to every pencil, pen, work desk, chair, rug, computer system, roll of toilet tissue, bullet, bomb, weapon, storage tank, automobile, plane or ship that they get have to be 100% made in the United States.

We cannot do it overnight, yet within 60 to 90 days the President could have a record on his/her work desk mentioning exactly what could be the U.S purchased right away and go for purchasing just American at 25% annually each firm up until all firms get to 100% in 4 years.

Can you think of all the start-up services as well as work production? International firms will certainly need to construct manufacturing facilities on American dirt and also employ American employees.

This needs to be 100% the USA made, no avoiding around the exec order by delivery components right here from abroad and also constructing it below and calling it ‘Made in the USA’.

Think about the steel manufacturing facilities returning, the rail and also shipyards returning. This repair will certainly be last and also lasting for generations if the best Congress that international loan could purchase does not screw it up.

I presume we will certainly not just require a President with a back however an American citizen that isn’t really persuaded by psychological concerns utilized to split us and maintaining us hyphenated-Americans up until our team believe there’s no hope.

Keep in mind, we could constantly reconstruct our nation, various other generations have actually done it prior to us, yet returning the legal rights as well as power offered to us by our Constitution after we take it from each other will certainly be much harder. A ballot, create, call, email, general delivery, Fax and also see your Congressperson up until your next-door neighbor is completely stood for or change the bottoms.

I think socialism is dandy and great for mega-corporations, Wall Street as well as lenders when it’s our tax obligations footing the costs as well as repairing their self-made mess.

Congress desires to deal with Social Security by raising the retired life age and also reducing advantages or by obtaining rid of Social Security completely. Can you think of the cash that will put right into our economic climate from simply this one solution? Believe of exactly how much loan little organizations will certainly conserve; those that have to match their very own FICA tax obligations will certainly conserve 5.3%.

If you live to 75 or 85 that’s 11 to 21 years of not paying the 5% and also many individuals make even more loan after they transform 50 years old or later on.

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  1. Buying the framework

This action takes a sort of nerve you will not locate in political leaders that just look towards the following political election as well as their very own powerbroker loaded deep pockets. We should buy our framework and development tasks that will certainly increase the tax obligation base.


We could develop tasks by repairing our trains to ensure that products could relocate to main centers then trucked to its location. We could conserve gas without damaging the trucking sector. We could create steel for trains and also delivery.

Simply believe just how much more affordable it is to relocate items by rail. We’ll still require truckers to relocate the items from the main center to its last location, so truckers will certainly not shed tasks; they’ll reduce gas, and also be in the house with their households during the night.

Our rivers will certainly require ships, seafarers, sea-women, as well as dock-workers. That’s a great deal of steel and tasks which could be the start of bringing making back to the USA, together with solution second, all for half the expense or much less of the battles we’re currently dealing with.

Historic proof informs us we should place this nation back to function as well as to do that we should invest loan and also rise financial investments. The last stimulation bundle had not been virtually sufficient to do the task.

We aimed to deal with a 15 trillion buck economic climate with much less compared to a 6% stimulation that likely to individuals that fraudulently and criminally damaged our economic situation and also never ever involved justice.

The stimulation we require currently ought to go to at least 15% of our overall economic situation and specific states by the populace, 2 thousand bucks for every individual in every state to repair our freeways, bridges, passages and also power grid.

The cash will not go straight to the state or its individuals in a round figure. The Federal Government will certainly spend for the framework renovations and also treason regulations will certainly make certain sincerity.

There are 3 hundred and thirty million individuals in the United States and passing populace this stimulation will certainly set you back 6 hundred and sixty billion bucks, much less compared to the last stimulation price and likely to the best individuals to do the best point.

In order to help spend for this stimulation, we could ask the lenders that obtained the last stimulation to pay us back with a rate of interest. States with a million individuals will certainly obtain 2 billion bucks, states with 5 million individuals will certainly obtain 10 billion bucks and also states with twenty million will certainly obtain forty billion bucks and more.

How numerous bridges, passages, and freeways can Rhode Island take care of with 2 billion bucks? Just what regarding Wisconsin, Minnesota and also Colorado, just what can they do with 10 billion bucks? And exactly how around our bigger state populaces like California, Texas as well as New York, what can they do for work as well as the facilities with forty or forty-five billion bucks?

This action is bold and strong so we will certainly need to require the afraid hearts of Congress to conform due to the fact that since cash is complimentary speech the person with a hundred bucks has even more complimentary speech compared to the man with one buck; and these solutions will certainly set you back greater than a trillion bucks. What does it cost? cost-free speech can you get with a trillion bucks?

  1. Offering battle bonds

Offering battle bonds like we carried out in WWII as well as hold an annual Federal lotto game, all for the objective of paying the National financial obligation. We’ll call the bonds National Debt Bonds and also market them in $5.00 increments and also their only usage by legislation will certainly be to pay the National financial obligation.

You’ll have the ability to market them, trade them and acquire them for a ten-year duration after the National financial debt is paid. For those 10 years you could subtract them from your tax obligations buck for a buck at 10% each year, and also they’ll still be sell-able, inheritable as well as trade-able. Acquire even more bonds as well as have much more opportunities to win.

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On December 1st of every year we will arbitrarily choose 3 teams of twelve individuals from each state, the first twelve individuals that come closest to choosing an arbitrarily created number will certainly win one million bucks devoid of all Federal tax obligations; the following twelve closest to the arbitrary number will certainly get 3 hundred thousand tax-free as well as the last twelve closest to the arbitrary number will certainly get one hundred thousand tax-free.

This will certainly set you back 840 million to settle the victors; let’s state a billion with the price to run the program. If the program does not develop one billion bucks in any kind of provided year after that the Government will certainly take 50% plus the expense of running the program and also the selected 1800 individuals will certainly divide the remainder similarly.

We could quickly ensure getting to over 4 billion each year by subtracting 5 bucks from the 80 million checks the Federal Government sends by mail out on a monthly basis and also instantly going into the 80 million receivers for the National Debt Federal Lottery.

They will certainly have the ability to market, profession or acquire the $60.00 each year imperatively drawn from their checks. And also to reveal great confidence and management, we will certainly subtract $1000.00 monthly from all Congressional participants, the 9 Supreme Court Justices and the President, which will certainly generate $545,000.00 each month or $6,540,000.00 each year to the National Debt Federal Lottery, much more if we include closet and also employee at a lowered price.

And also since Congress, the Supreme Court and also the President love America a lot they will certainly omit themselves and also prompt relative from any kind of earnings, consisting of the cupboard and also employee if included.

With the $5.00 from every Federal check, if simply 10% of the populace joins the National Debt Federal Lottery at $5.00 monthly, we need to have the ability to generate a minimum of over 6 billion bucks a year.


With the expense to run the program maintained under 10% by regulation and also the settlement to the victors, we ought to have the ability to repay our National financial obligation at 4 billion a year with this program alone.

Include the various other 3 actions and also the boosted tax obligation base with a few other actions consisting of tax obligation reform as well as costs cuts, we will certainly have the ability to settle our National financial debt at concerning 2 trillion bucks a year.

That implies we could settle our complete National financial obligation in much less compared to 10 years without eliminating the bad, plus reconstructing the center course.

Naturally, Congress and their deep pockets and also their readiness to ruin this nation for the short-lived radiance of power as well as the greed of their spirits will certainly battle these actions with every method at their disposal.

Being that Congress makes the legislation and also basically are American Royalty, most importantly regulations, it will certainly take an enlightened, unyielding as well as solid American people to emerge from grassroots to reclaim our Constitutional powers and quit Congress from belonging to the issue and also require them to be composed of the option.

How lots of bridges, passages, and freeways can Rhode Island repair with 2 billion bucks? Just what concerning Wisconsin, Minnesota as well as Colorado, just what can they do with 10 billion bucks? And also exactly how around our bigger state populaces like California, Texas as well as New York, What can they do for work as well as the facilities with forty or forty-five billion bucks? For those 10 years you could subtract them from your tax obligations buck for a buck at 10% each year, as well as they’ll still be sell-able, inheritable and trade-able.


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