What is marketing? management,simple definition

What is marketing? management,simple definition

Definition of marketing

Many people do not deny that I think marketing is an advertisement in the newspaper or television and may reach the product display in shops or supermarkets to try it. This was my idea of marketing but I discovered that it is quite different and in my opinion, it is an art, The truth and other fantasy hand are connecting them to provide a product that satisfies both consumer and producer parties

What is marketing?

Some people may know that what is marketing is a “win-win”

The consumer has the product he needs

The product achieves the desired profits of the product

Rather focus on what the consumer wants and wishes for marketing success

Marketing activities

Marketing activities also mentioned not only advertisements but the marketing mission begins before product production

What is marketing begins with the development of a product that satisfies the consumer, conducts marketing research, then develops the product, the price, advertising, advertising, public relations etc …, the place of sale whether through the producer or the financiers

What is marketing in the company and how it connected with the rest of the company?

To illustrate the image of marketing more, take a larger picture of the company’s sections and link them with some

After the efforts of the marketing department, the product decision made on the one hand

Who are consumers?

How it will provide

Then we move to the manufacturing department and manufactured based on the information provided by the marketing department after conducting marketing research

We then move on to the accounting department, which studies the budget and funding for production

Then we turn to the Human Resources Department, which is responsible for the recruitment and training of human resources to produce, market and sell the product

Marketing Management

Is the analysis and planning of marketing plans, implementation and control of the program, which designed to build and continue the mutual benefit of the target buyer in order to reach the goal set by the company?

Demand Management or Demand Management

What is marketing? management,simple definition

Some may think that marketing management is about finding buyers for the company’s products. Nevertheless, the company requires a certain demand or a level of demand for its products

At one stage they may not find any demand for the product and the other stage is the demand is average and the other stage is the demand is severe and may not be able to provide all the requests so there is the marketing manager for the various stages


Building a profitable relationship with the customer

Demand management means customer management and the demands of any company either to be on the way of new customers or old customers. What is marketing based on the focus on attracting new customers and completing the sale? Today, the theory is different, apart from designing strategies to attract new customers, companies are now moving towards building strong relationships with old customers

Why should the company retain with old customers?

In the past, companies are facing an expanding economy and a growing market. Companies could fill the market with new customers without fear of losing old customers. Today, what is marketing is facing geopolitical changes, slow growth of the economy and increased market entry of competitors, all of which make it difficult to attract new customers. In addition, the costs of attracting new customers are increasing and in fact, costs could be as much as five times the cost of keeping old customers.

Let us discuss this point and put it in the world

Unfortunately, most of the companies that deal with them rely on the first theory without knowing, how? If we notice that the majority of profit companies depend or give the sales representative a percentage of sales and because of the deterioration of the economy in most countries of the world, they need to earn fast even if they had to fake the truth or give part of the whole truth about the product, making it easier to sell, but you believe that the customer after discovering the truth would like to Due to purchase from this company? I do not think the human soul tends to go back to someone who cheated it and at the same time has the freedom to choose to go to buy a competing product

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And not only this may sell the representative or the owner of the service produced in a high quality but there is an important point of follow-up, after the purchase the agent to contact the customer to make sure that everything goes regularly and that the product is satisfied with the customer. In this case, the delegate has achieved two goals in his first contact, emphasizing the customer that they are interested in him and thus attract him and build a relationship with him. The second objective is to know if there are parts that are not satisfied with the customer so they have the opportunity in what is marketing. However, the question is whether there is a follow-up in the Arab countries. Any rep connects to make sure that I am satisfied with the product but vice versa, I found a delegate telling me what to do I bought and paid and that is your luck

Let us take an example of what is marketing. The majority of people hears and may experience this experience. Repairing the car. The mechanic may not work with a conscience, especially if you are a new customer who has only the profit motive and believes that you will return to him. Some people may return with good faith. In addition, he will take advantage of you, will you return to him? Of course, you will not try to find another mechanic if you are the kind who likes to exploit others for you.

He will surely miss you as a permanent customer and you have missed him and this is what many do not know the word spread word of mouth, which is a kind of advertising, but by people without intervention company Tell your friends and your knowledge about the service, and be lucky who did a service in the highest quality, Old customers and new customers without fear of rival or deteriorating economy. A close example is that we hear him from the wives of the houses and he is the plumber

Marketing columns are the Marketing Mix task

What is marketing? management,simple definition

What is marketing depends primarily on the product, price, place, and promotion known as 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion), as well as other taxes that the marketer cannot ignore because each axis complements the other competitors, consumers and much more

 Product (Product)

Talking about a product is everything that can be displayed in the market to satisfy a need or desire. Before addressing the point, I want to clarify his point there is a difference between the need and desire

The need (needs) all that the consumer needs and be something necessary cannot dispense with. For example, he cannot do without water

Not all that the consumer wants to buy is just necessary to satisfy him. For example, the type of car some people buy the car for the need for transportation, some car purchase for his need and wants to buy the most expensive car

The product divided into two parts, a tangible product such as clothing, or an intangible product such as a car repair service

The product consists of the specifications and benefits of the Product Features and Benefits and when presented to the consumer are mentioned specifications and benefits to encourage the consumer to buy. Features You may find size, color, marketing, design, and material hours may be working if the service. As for the benefits that answer the consumer’s question, what will I benefit from this product?

Discover your product

To get to know more about your product you must discover the point of view of the consumer or customer. You should not only place yourself in the consumer’s place and deduce what you need, but you should talk to them or do market research to see what the product needs to develop. This may help you to know things you never thought of

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Ask the customer for suggestions to market the product.

Give importance to customer complaints, and you must be open-minded and receptive to criticism. From this point on, I would like to clarify something. Unfortunately, in the world, a large segment of business owners do not recognize the saying (the customer is always right) because, as I said before, they think they will get rid of one customer and they can win other customers

What is important to know what are the specifications and benefits of your product?

Helps you print publications, publications, and sales by a sales representative

The difference, knowing the difference and difference will help distinguish your merchandise from other competitors. An example of this is in the UAE. A bank offers its services only to the millionaires, so the difference between it and the rest of the banks is that it deals only with the millionaires and the rest with everyone

Many think that marketing is just advertising and promotion, but the worlds of marketing truth know it is much more. They know that marketing is not 30 seconds in the radio or box at the bottom of the page but rather is the process of understanding customer desires and then trying to satisfy them and motivate their desires to get what you sell. Marketing is the most influential factor in its association with money

The first thing you need to know about marketing is that you do not sell the item but sell the value, what does that mean?

If you sell cars, for example, the customer does not buy the engine, body, tires and other components of the car, but buys value, which may be


Fun driving and strain maneuvering


The right price

Family comfort

Elegance of taste

Speed or technology

These are the actual elements that the buyer sees and which anyone can pay to give up a share of money for that value. What is marketing is trying to find out what is going on in your head and then focus on it to tempt it to meet its need for that value. For example, there are those who consider the safety of cars is the highest value and therefore the role of marketing-based is in a few steps: find the buyer and then know his desires accurately and convince him that the product gives him the value he looking for and ultimately enticed by buying. Practically these steps called advertising, marketing research, pricing, marketing strategy, and then ultimately customer service and sales

Sometimes the boundaries between marketing, sales and customer service disappear and sometimes appear obvious. There are several reasons for this, for example, the evolution of management theories, and then the size of the company and the need to separate or integrate those operations, as well as business-to-business business differs in its structure from companies that target individuals to business consumer because of the different nature of customers and style Their thinking

One of the most important processes of marketing management is research and it starts from the process of dividing customers according to their relationship to the product and their thinking and then comes to try to know the wishes of each of these categories and then begin to promote them through the channels most effective and influential them. For example, the staff listens to the radio on my way back and forth from work first day and later, while older people tend to go to newspapers and so on

There are several tools used in planning, strategy, and marketing, such as “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis”, as well as “Porter’s Five Strength Analysis” – entry factors and threats to alternative products, suppliers, customers, and competitors. These strategies will be dealt with in a later article, God willing

Of course, there is a lot of what is marketing, each of which can fill several volumes so we cannot expand here, including but not limited to advertising as well as the subject of brand and customer loyalty and promotions

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In the end, it remains to remember that what is marketing is the most important business activity at all is the source of money and therefore should take the right of attention no matter how small or grown up

What is marketing defined in terms of its traditional concept of human activities that contribute to the ease of trade? It not only exchanges goods but also includes many services. It also depends on opening channels of communication between the buyer and the seller through the buyer’s visit to the market in order to buy the products, the seller in the market to find buyers and sell them products. The concept of modern marketing is the implementation of the function associated with the strategic planning of the efforts that seek to direct and activate the role of oversight within the programs that make profits for the establishment and provide the needs of people. Modern marketing also includes all activities of the establishment, such as selling, financing, production, and purchasing

Importance of Marketing is one of the most important administrative processes applied in large or small enterprises and projects and summarizes the importance of marketing according to the following points

Identify customers’ wishes and requests. Discover products and current goods within the market. Understand the share of the establishment or project from market shares and compare them with competitors’ quotas.

Analyzing customer satisfaction with services and goods.

Assisting the owner of an enterprise or project in making decisions of importance, both at the level of services, quality or prices; by collecting information and opinions from the market. Support to the production planning process.

Achieving continuity in cash flows. Marketing characteristics of marketing have many characteristics, the most important of which are: Marketing from renewable and advanced activities: This is evidenced by the development of marketing methods of some types of goods that were marketing based on what is marketing methods are no longer used today. Distinguishing distribution systems in competitive marketing

As a result of relying on several modern, modern and renewable marketing methods in promoting certain products and services, and clarifying their differentiation from, and competition from, other alternative products. The importance of marketing to people in the course of carrying out their functions: Services and goods must meet the needs of people, by buying and selling them by relying on marketing them in ways that are acceptable to them. Although people are important elements in what is marketing, this process cannot judge by ethical standards, Products that people need to provide them with various means of marketing. The dominance of small enterprises in marketing: Most of these institutions rely on the recruitment of a small number of employees, not more than five people and the majority of the owners of these institutions themselves. What is marketing in the preparation of its plan depends on a strategy that is integrated with the strategy applied to the enterprise? The marketing strategy includes formulating the entity’s message, analyzing competition and attitude, knowing the objectives and strategies, and recognizing and distributing the products. The marketing strategy formulated according to the following steps

Preparation of the message: is to clarify the purpose of the existence of the establishment, and depends on the achievement of something specific, such as the provision of telecommunications services or the automotive industry or the design of computer games. The message may change based on new market conditions and conditions. SWOT Analysis: A strategic tool that helps to analyze the capabilities of an enterprise by recognizing its strengths and weaknesses and knowing what is marketing is its external environment that contributes to the perception of the nature of threats and opportunities


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